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APPML acts as the landlord on behalf of the owner of the property.  Our role ranges from showing the properties to prospective tenants, getting tenancy agreements signed, through to maintenance and inspections of the property.  We will help you find a house that you can call home, guide you through the application process and provide ongoing support once you are settled in your new home.

APPML are responsible for collecting the rent and paying it out to the owner, resolving maintenance issues with the property, conducting regular inspections and handling any breaches or disputes with your tenancy agreement.

Our relationship with you is as important to us as it is with our owners, and we believe communication is vital to that. To ensure we’re transparent with you we’ve provided some useful information below on key areas we are commonly asked about.

Applying for a property

If you are interested in one of our listings, please Get In Touch to arrange a viewing. After the viewing, if you wish to proceed, you will need to complete the Online Application Form. In order to speed up the process, provide as much detail as possible including photographic identification. Once we receive your application we will check your references and conduct background and credit checks.

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Powered by Movinghub, we can organise the connection of all your utility services at your new property – in just one phone call! Whether you want to transfer existing accounts or join new providers, we’re here to help.

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Move in costs

The move in costs need to be paid before you can move into the property. An example using a rent of $500.00 per week would calculate as follows:

Bond 4 weeks’ rent $2,000.00
Rent 2 weeks’ rent in advance $1,000.00
Letting Fee 1 weeks’ rent+ GST $575.00
Total Cost $3,575.00

Tenancy agreement

APPML will take you through your Tenancy Agreement step by step explaining both parties’ responsibilities. We will meet with you prior to moving in to sign the Tenancy Agreement and related move in documentation, go through the Initial Inspection Report and hand over the keys.

The property owner has insurance on the land and building. This does not cover your personal items or some types of damage to the property whilst you are living there, so we recommend you speak with an insurance company or broker about contents insurance. This can be a reasonably priced precaution and something we highly recommend. Neither the landlord nor APPML can be held responsible for any damage to your items whilst they are in the property.

Fixed term tenancy

When you are coming to the end of your fixed term tenancy, we will contact you approximately 6 weeks prior, to confirm whether you would like to renew your tenancy. You can contact us any time up to 90 days prior to the end of your tenancy regarding new arrangements. We will then speak with the owner, and if agreed by both parties, we can arrange a new Tenancy Agreement or confirm details with regard to your vacate and final inspection.

Periodic tenancy

You are required to give 21 days’ written notice. If you wish to vacate before the 21 days, you will still be liable to pay the full 21 days rent, unless we can find new tenants to take the property earlier.

Change of tenants

If you are in a “flatting situation” and one of the flatmates wants to move out you need to contact us. If agreed with APPML and the owner, new flatmates can fill in the Online Application Form and we will complete a background and credit check. Only once they have been approved, and added to the tenancy agreement, are they permitted to move in. You will need to complete a Change of Tenant form for Tenancy Services (Bond Office) as the departing tenant will no doubt want their portion of the bond refunded. The approved tenant will be charged an administration fee to cover the costs of this change to the tenancy.


Initial Inspection – a comprehensive record of the property condition is completed at the start of the tenancy. Broken down by room, the report provides details of paint/wall paper finishes and colours, condition of chattels and gardens, with photographs and notes as required, the report counts as a signed record of the condition of the property when you moved in. If the signed report is not returned by the tenant to APPML, within the time frame specified, it is deemed that the report provided at the commencement of the tenancy is accepted as the condition of the property.

Routine Inspections – are carried out every 90 days, to ensure that the property is being looked after. We will give you at least 48 hours notice before we complete the inspection. We appreciate that the time and date may not be suitable for anyone to be at home but we will bring keys to let ourselves in and leave you a note when we leave. Tenants are welcome to be present at the inspection as this provides a good opportunity to bring up any issues they have with the property. Inspection reports are sent to both the owner and the tenant containing details of the condition of the property, maintenance and repairs.

Final Inspection – we will provide you with a Check List to assist you in preparing the property for vacate. We can meet you at the property to complete a final inspection after you have removed all your belongings and cleaned the property. You will need to sign the Bond Refund form so that we can process this, please note all parties who signed the Tenancy Agreement and Bond Form will need to sign the refund form.

Property Viewings – when you give notice to vacate, or if your tenancy is coming to an end, we will require access to the property to show prospective tenants through your property. We will always provide you with notice of the viewing and we will always be present during the viewing.

Repairs and maintenance

It is important that you contact APPML as soon as any issues arise so they can be dealt with as soon as possible. We understand that sometimes accidents happen and properties get damaged, likewise older homes need maintenance from regular wear and tear.

If urgent, please telephone us immediately – we are available 24/7. If you have a plumbing emergency and water is leaking inside the property, please turn the water off at the main water supply to minimise the damage to your personal items and the house.

For non-urgent maintenance, you can email your request or phone us during office hours with the details and we will arrange it for you. Unless we have advised you in advance, you should not let any tradesmen into the property for obvious security reasons.

Lawn & garden maintenance

Unless stated in your Tenancy Agreement, lawns and gardens are your responsibility. We have a list of contractors that we can recommend if you need help in maintaining these.


If there is a separate water meter at the property you will be required to pay the Water & Wastewater volumetric charges. You will receive a monthly invoice based on the charges APPML have received from Watercare. Your water invoices are to be paid to APPML and we will pay Watercare.

If you feel your water usage is higher than normal, please ensure that toilet cisterns are not running and that showers/taps are not dripping. You might also need to complete a leak test overnight by turning off the water at the mains, taking a reading at the meter once it is switched off and again before turning it back on, to determine any usage via the meter and therefore the potential leak.

Independent advice

The Department of Building and Housing, Tenancy Services offers unbiased advice to both tenants and landlords. They can be contacted on 0800 83 62 62 or visit their website www.tenancy.govt.nz

Moving out

We are here to help you through this busy and stressful time

Please note, your Bond cannot be used as your final rent payment, we will send you a ledger confirming the final amount to be paid as at your vacate date.

We will provide you wish a Cleaning Checklist to assist you in getting the property ready to hand back to us.

Don’t forget to cancel your automatic rent payment; this is your responsibility as the banks will not allow us to do this.

Return all keys, remotes, swipe cards, etc. Even if you have had extra copies made, you must return them to APPML on your vacate.

Sign and return the Bond Refund form to us. Everyone who signed the form at the start of the tenancy will need to sign the refund form otherwise your bond refund cannot be processed.

Make sure you have a mail re-direction in place to your new address.

Visit the Movinghub tool on our website, they provide a free service and can help move all your utilities.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to Get In Touch and we will do all we can to assist.

What our clients say

  • Jackie has been our property manager for a number of years and has been fantastic to deal with. If any maintenance is needed it is done immediately and to a high standard. Jackie is very approachable, reliable and fair. I would not hesitate in recommending APPML to any prospective tenants who are looking for a well looked after rental property and efficient property manager.

    Riaan & Bonnie Wessels
  • Moving to a new country and finding a new home is a daunting experience, but Jackie and her team at APPML assisted in making our transition to New Zealand easy and seamless. Jackie helped us every step of the way with our rental – not only were any issues taken care of swiftly and efficiently, but she even went above and beyond by further explaining how things worked, and even arranging a special viewing time to meet our needs.
    We would recommend Jackie as a Property Manager to both homeowners and tenants, as she is friendly, accommodating and courteous, on the ball, and always ready to help!!
    Thank-you Jackie, for your excellent service and attention to detail!!

    Rui & Cheri Ganho
  • APPML were absolutely amazing with us after we arrived in Auckland to a house, chosen by my employer, which was in very poor condition and was no way suitable for a family with 2 children to live in. We contacted Jackie regarding our situation and within 5 days we had moved into one of APPML’s beautiful properties.

    Throughout our tenancy Jackie and APPML team were always quick and efficient with any queries we had. We could not recommend them highly enough and should the occasion ever rise we would not hesitate to contact them again. Thanks again APPML.

    Jonathan & Wendy Lake
  • My husband and I have 3 small children. We moved to NZ from the US about 10 years ago. While living in NZ we have rented several different properties, at least one from each of the major property management companies (not intentionally!). In comparison, our experience with APPML has been – without a doubt – our favourite.

    When we first met Jackie, from APPML, she showed us several properties. Being familiar with the area and knowledgeable about properties, she offered honest and candid advice. Unfortunately, we did not heed her advice the first time. APPML helped us resolve that situation, then proceeded to place us in the property they had initially recommended the previous year! As expected, the property ended up being perfect.

    All of our interactions with APPML have been personable when possible, and professional where necessary. Renting from APPML has been a breath of fresh air: expectations were clear, communication reliable, and most of all, we were able to enjoy living in the properties as if they were our own.

    Kit & Hollie Wilkerson

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